Best way to make money online. Is it blogging or freelancing? 23 Experts Roundup

Blogging Vs Freelancing
What’s best way to earn money online? Probably starting a blog and monetize it with Google Adsense or maybe you can freelancing on Fiverr or Elance.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing, cost per action, drop shipping, product jacking, freelancing, eCommerce and there are plenty of money making ideas to start with.

Freelancing and blogging goes hand in hand because we get paid to write but the question is write for yourself (blogging) or write for others (clients).

In this expert roundup, we are going to compare blogging and freelancing writing as these are best and easy way to earn money online.

So here we go.

FreelancingI began as an accident blogger writing as a workplace practitioner. I provide both freelancing and blogging services however, they are focused in the B2B marketplaces. I consider all my content to be freelancing as I develop custom content for clients either on their platforms, on my blog or for other longer form content. Freelancing gives me the freedom to experiment, learn, and test the limits of my content as well as promotional and engagement efforts in ways that traditional marketing roles do not offer.

As a freelancer and agency, I am not constrained as much by the large brand, organizational processes or standards. I am different than many bloggers and writers as I work primarily in the B2B space writing about resources and topics that appeal to a highly technical and targeted niche.

For those starting out, blogging is a great way to build your portfolio and experience. A growing number of freelancing clients want a freelancer who already has a built in and established community to help promote content to which is a service I provide to my clients. Building this also provides me a built in sales and marketing funnel as clients and opportunities come to me. I rarely seek them. Jessica Miller-Merrell

Freelancing & BloggingWhy not do both? When I started my first blog, the expenses of maintaining the blog was too high. And it didn’t generate enough money through ads at first. So, I started freelancing to pay the bills. Now, I’m a full-time freelancer, but I also run my own blog as well.

Freelancing can bring you instant profit while building a blog is a long-term investment. No one says you can’t do both. Roshan

BloggingBlogging is long term asset while freelancing is short time. When I started content marketing, I spent 30% time on freelancing and 70% on my personal finance blog. After two years of hard work, I am able to generate more than $3000 monthly income from my blog, that’s totally passive income. I still get time to work on high value consulting work for startups.

Earn money by doing freelance work till you start making money from your blog. Spend 30% of your time on freelancing assignments and 70% time on growing your business. These freelancing assignments can be for

  • Other bloggers in your niche.
  • Startups that need help with content writing for their products or platforms.
  • Paid guest posts on popular media platformsPardeep Goyal
BloggingOnce you become a Blogger, you get the opportunity to explore all the possible digital/internet marketing aspects of your blog. This enables you to learn more, and eventually converting your knowledge into revenue. You can control your blog’s outcomes, this is something I love in this field.

Freelancing is good, you don’t really need to worry about anything, like managing your blog and stuff. But again, if you want to upscale and run it like a business, then you should definitely start a blog for yourself and explore further, that is the only way to see if it works for you or not. Pradeep

FreelancingFreelancing provides a way to work in a variety of ways, offering greater opportunities to extend your personal brand. John Rampton
BloggingHaving a blog can boost your brand name and recognition, thus allowing you to earn more clients and higher pay as a freelancer. Start a blog around your personal or brand name, then get to work on ranking it in the search results. Don’t forget about guest blogging and performing the necessary outreach to reach new audiences in the process.Zac Johnson
BloggingBlogging is the best because you own the blog therefore you set the rules. A freelance writer earns once from an article. A blogger can earn unlimited times from the same content. Blogs have higher earnings potential and they set you apart as an influencer. You also get to mentor others and bring significant change in the society.Walter
BloggingYou don’t have to give report of all activities to your employer.Kulwant Nagi
BloggingYou can get paid more regularly for blogging.Arif Akhtar
FreelancingWell, to be honest, I think freelance blogging is the best because you get paid to do what you love! However, I chose “freelancing” as my answer — out of the two choices — because, to me, the word “freelancing” holds a lot more opportunities than just “blogging” alone.

Blogging without the freelancing element is just something you do for enjoyment, not for money — and I’m the kind of gal who likes to make money. Haha. As a freelancer, I can earn money by blogging, writing, ghostwriting, editing… whatever I want! AND get paid for it.Lauren Tharp

FreelancingI think freelancing is a great way to get started making money online. You can get started and earning money right away.

Blogging takes awhile to start earning money, so if you’re looking to earn money quickly I think freelance writing would be a great place to start. Then you can use your freelance money to invest in creating a blog. A blog could also improve your freelance business, since you can share your blogging work with potential clients as a portfolio. Ashleigh

FreelancingFreelancing is the best because it allows for greater freedom and control over your career. You can always do freelance blogging while still doing other gigs. Venkat Subramanian
FreelancingBlogging is just one niche of freelancing. If you are a writer you can freelance in blogging, copywriting, academic writing and many more.Toogit
BloggingBlogging provides passive income. Blogs makes us money while we sleep. Freelancing is like a job itself. In freelancing, we have to sell our time. Jojo Joson
BloggingThough Freelancing and Blogging both are great career options, Blogging has an edge over freelancing, This is because, unlike freelancing, income from Blogging is recurring.

A freelance content writer can earn money only if he/she continues to write articles for lifetime whereas a blogger can write a single blog post and make money from it till the time his blog is live.Aquif Shaikh

BloggingBlogging is best because we do it for ourselves and share our creativity through our websites. Freelancing is giving away our skills for someone who acquires our skillsShriram Raj
Blogging & Affiliate MarketingThe best way to make money according to my blogging history and income report is by using Affiliate Links. You need to create awesome content that your readers are really into.

This means really understanding what resonates well with your readers and creating content according to that. Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as it sounds. Most people slap on Affiliate links hoping for great results. But working it into your blog post in a nonspam-like way will reap you great results. Divine Mwimba

BloggingIt’s a hard choice but blogging probably just wins it because on my site I get to choose exactly what I write; I am absolutely my own boss.

That said, I do love the challenge of understanding a freelance client’s business, and writing copy that solves their problems. But at the end of the day, the freedom to genuinely work when I want on what I want for my own business wins. Hannah Martin

Blogging & Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing is best option if you want to do something as a freelancer.

It is because when you promote affiliate you keep earning money from those promotion/efforts for many years not just one time. so you can say it is a kind of passive income even later when you are not promoting that company/product.Shamsher Khan

Freelancing & BloggingIt depends. What’s your goal? What are you trying to do? And why choose just one? Freelancing can be instant cash, and has been a source of hundreds of thousands of dollars income for me since 2010. Blogging can also create income, but it’s a long play, unless you’re doing it in combination with selling your own products or services to grow your business.

I wouldn’t have my publishing business (and the consistent monthly revenue it creates) without my blog. I guess the bigger question is: what’s your deeper strategy, and how can blogging, freelancing, or both help you get there?Roy Furr

Freelancing & BloggingWhat’s best depends on the type of person you are. I know some people that love writing, but would be too stressed out by the thought of having to sell themselves in ways that freelancers sometimes have to. At the same time there are others that don’t consider themselves good writers and don’t enjoy the process of writing, but do like the tradeoffs that come with freelancing.

One last thing: I don’t believe these are mutually exclusive. You can be a freelancer that gets many of their clients through blogging. Or you can be a blogger that does some freelancing on the side. It’s about knowing your strengths and leveraging them as much as possible.Ruben Gamez

Freelancing & BloggingBOTH. Blogging is a great way to get freelancing business. I personally write a copywriting blog, and am able to charge $600/hour for client calls every Tuesday and Thursday thanks to the inbound traffic from the blog. Neville Medhora
BloggingIt’s difficult to completely separate blogging and freelancing because they’re often entwined and a blog opportunity may lead to a freelance client. But I’d say blogging is best because you’re creating content for your own channels and have the control over what your publish and when. This makes it much more fun and it’s great to have creative freedom but there’s also a bigger bonus: The content you create should have longevity so people will still be seeing it in years to come – which means it can potentially still earn you an income in years to come.

The initial income from blogging may be lower but your earnings will increase each year as you create more content.

If you’re creating content for others, like you would as a freelancer, you don’t get the benefits you do from evergreen online content. I had someone book four business class flights to Thailand using my affiliate link last month; the link was in a post I wrote six years ago so you never know how important those old posts can be!Monica Stott

BloggingI think blogging is KING.

At some point in life, every blogger was once a freelancer, therefore we cannot dismiss freelancing when comparing and contrasting it to blogging.

Freelancing has been a stepping stone for me and many other freelancers all over the world.

A couple of reasons that would make me pick blogging to freelancing include:

i) Your blog content is equal to your face which results in authority somewhere down the road on the particular topic/niche that you are blogging about.

ii) It’s possible to repurpose blog content into videos, podcasts, infographics etc

iii) With blogging, there are many avenues for monetization. (affiliate, Adsense etc)
David Mbugua

BloggingWhile I have earned a living from both blogging and from freelancing (and still do utilize both), I believe that blogging is the best revenue stream for online entrepreneurs because it can be set up with a more passive income strategy.

Our blog earns most of our money through affiliate sales, which means that once we write the articles, get them ranking in SEO and share them with our readers, they start earning money automatically. There’s nothing better than earning money while you’re sleeping or earning money while you’re sipping cocktails at the beach!

While freelancing is still a great way to earn income and travel the world, it’s a bit more hands on. You have to write each article for a one time payment in most cases and in my experience, articles max out at around $450 each, so affiliate blog posts are more lucrative.

Having said that, a great way to scale a freelancing business is to create a media or content creation company. Having numerous writers under your business name, writing amazing content for numerous sites can help you expand freelancing into a full-on company, rather than a one-person show.

Either way, I still strongly believe that blogging is the best way to earn money online, which is why our website teaches people how to start a travel blog and earn great money online, while travelling the world full time.Nick

Freelancing is definitely an easier way of making money online. Blogging requires you to know how to build an audience, create a product, and sell it.

Freelancing just requires you to find a company with a problem and have them pay you to fix it. To sustain a freelancing business, you need to know your craft and how to reach your target client. Meanwhile blogging requires constant research, content generation, and course correction.Brennan Dunn


We can conclude, blogging is best way to make money online but as I said before freelancing and blogging goes hand in hand. You can freelance while growing your blog and blog while you freelance. Freelancing gives you instant money but blogging  create a passive income source.

We also get to know affiliate marketing is one money making idea to start earning money online.

I’ve covered this topic in brief on my blog post advantages and disadvantages of blogging and freelancing. Check it out and let me know your thoughts in comments.

I am a solopreneur. I believe in delegation and automation because we can’t handle all tasks alone. I share my tools and tricks to manage your blogging and freelancing business alone.

Yogesh Shinde

I am a solopreneur. I believe in delegation and automation because we can't handle all tasks alone. I share my tools and tricks to manage your blogging and freelancing business alone.

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